M-Edge Productions Has Arrived!

M-Edge Productions Has Arrived Launching M-Edge Productions has arrived. With jingle imaging maestro Tony Valdez, the team at M-Edge brings in a new sharper approach to branding your station. Bleeding edge production is finally here.

M-Edge Productions Has Arrived

Kiss Dallas 2008 M-Edge ProductionsKiss Dallas 2008 Official Demo
KDWB 2008 M-Edge ProductionsKDWB 2008 Official Demo

M-Edge Productions is finally here. The ‘edge’ you’ve been looking for in radio imaging, sound design, and advertising is now at your doorstep. Jingle genius Tony Valdez and his team of creative “Edgers” will sharpen your station sound like never before. Prepare for a revolution, prepare to bleed, prepare some antibiotics, this thing really cuts.

KDWB 2008 Preview(www.m-edgeproductions.com)

KDWB Solo Add-Ons (www.m-edgeproductions.com)

Star 94 2008 (www.m-edgeproductions.com)

KRBE Houston 2008 (www.m-edgeproductions.com)

Seriously, visit www.m-edgeproductions.com now.

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