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Radio Ad Campaign: Going RetroPush Button Productions creative brains Yeosh and Jon dishes out its latest inspiration for your next radio ad campaign. Well, who says old is out. Going retro does not always mean you’re running out of ideas.

“SNL’s” 34th-season premiere, hosted by Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps held the shows largest viewership in 7 years. Maybe you wanted to watch the eight-time gold medalist’s opening delivery on mute, but be honest with yourself…you wanted to see the uncanny Tina Fey/Sara Palin resemblance. What a great move for SNL; reviving an old cast member for a new part. Not only did this boost their ratings 64% higher than last years season opener, but depending on the impeding political climate, this may not be the last time Fey does Palin. What about your own companies marketing and advertising campaigns? Instead of a completely new overhaul, maybe reinvention is all it needs.

Push Button Productions Jingle Reel – Producer Ray

Push Button Productions Jingle Reel – Producer David

Push Button Productions Jingle Reel – Producer Michael

Push Button Productions Jingle Reel – Producer Matt

Think about the Orville Redenbacher guy, you know the “Popcorn King.” Honestly, I thought they fell off the face of the earth until they began running their slightly creepy, computer generated advertising campaigns. And what about Wendy’s? Dave Thomas may be gone, but that didn’t stop them from showing that grown men can pull off red hot, pig-tails (including myself). What about Wendy herself? She is everywhere, talking about “meat on meat on meat.” Now this sounds kind of disgusting, but she makes me feel so warm and fuzzy I can’t help myself but pull up and say “two Baconators please!”

So before you stare blankly at your staff, attempting to brain storm about new ideas for an ad, stop and think about your past advertising successes. Maybe something worked once and then people just got sick of it.  Give that old ad campaign and new-age twist and people will fondly remember the days of yore.  Kind of like if WHAM! ever got back together.

George Michael was dreamy.

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