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Crazy FM chooses XFM Dance Control
After a completely renewed website, Crazy FM (Belgium) also sounds completely fresh and new on air. New jingles, fresh liners, a new slogan and new items. Crazy FM chose XFM Dance Control as their new jingle package.

This custom made package by Pors Impact Creative has been completely resung. With that Crazy FM is ready to ride the radiowaves.

Radio Bodegraven
Radio Bodegraven is the radiostation for Bodegraven, Nieuwerbrug and Meije (The Netherlands). Recently they came to Pors Impact Creative to proceduce the imaging for their station. They chose the “Clevelands” package.

This package was resung with the slogans of Radio Bodegraven.

Radiocommercial dutch
From ‘Partners in Perspective’ to ‘dutch’

In 2008 the organisation advice company ‘Partners in Perspective’ changed their name to ‘dutch’. A sober name, but loaded with passion to do business, to innovate and to inspire. In cooperation with Robert en Rademaker, Pors Impact Creative produced the radio commercial which has been broadcasted nation wide.

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