Top Format Revamps Website

Top European radio jingle and production music company Top Format revamps website in September of 2008. And a refurbishment is never complete without a set of fresh jingle packages.  Here are cool new packages at

Number One Jingles for the Number ONE Station

Sky Radio 101 FM launched a brand-new online radio station in September 2008: #1 Station. This web-radio station, with all Top-40 no. 1 hits from 1965 to the present day, can be found at and in web radio portals like From true pop classics to summer hits like “Careless Whisper” by George Michael and “Holiday Rap” by DJ Sven and Miker G. Station. The number 1 hits from 1965 to the present are played chronologically every hour. A unique musical journey through time.

Music That Makes You Feel Good

Top Format developed a new sound for the On Air Imaging of Sky Radio, The Netherland’s non-stop music station. In cooperation with Sky Radio, the team scouted for new singers both in the Netherlands and in the US, and replaced the old claim “Have a nice day” with the new positioning statement “Music that makes you feel good”. The new jingles are in perfect keeping with the music that the station currently plays.

New Package for Radio 2

The Dutch public broadcasting station Radio 2 has recently focused its positioning. The claim “je hoort nog eens wat” has after years of faithful service been replaced by the new positioning “Radio 2 is overall” (Radio 2 is everywhere). Top Format was asked to translate the new positioning into new jingles, while retaining the familiar Radio 2 logo. Beside an addition to the logo, Top Format also workedwith new singers. The new Radio 2 jingles are now available for syndication.

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