Session Singer Online

Session Singer Online provide high quality session singers to record vocals for songs, radio/tv jingles or any other project you’re working on that needs a singer – all done online. They will produce your session and send you the end result or, if you prefer, you can produce the vocal session and work with your session singer to make sure you get the exact results you want. Check out how it works.

“We like to work with all of our clients to produce the exact sound requested on each project for all custom made jingles and imaging packages. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on being fast and accurate. We have a choice of a couple of options in terms of ways to work, the first is to mp3 us the brief and melody and we’ll send back the vox files in whatever file format and bit rate needed. The second, allows the client to call in via Skype and produce the session live themselves. Skype takes no part in the recording process but allows the client to be hearing the session “inside our Logic/Protools”, coming out of their speakers their end and be able to direct the session live in the normal way. Very popular for the more “hands-on” approach!

Prices start from as little as £99 plus VAT, and currently they have a trial available to jingle companies.

Session Singer Online is the future for vocal sessions and is the complete professional service providing fast, accurate and cost effective vocals. For more information, and to get a quote, visit and contact Sharon.

Listen to their work online, and here is some of their latest work for Dublin 98, Spin 103.8 and Closer FM.

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