A Kippered Christmas – Holiday Imaging

A Kippered Christmas, Ian Sturgeon, Big Fish Worldwide, Holiday ImagingThe good news is — it’s Christmas time, the bad news is – the Program Director wants you to re-image the entire radio station with absolutely no workparts. That’s not a good idea!

Introducing, “A Kippered Christmas” – smoked Christmas imaging. Everything you need to get through the Holiday Season. Tons of super cool Christmas music beds, Christmas FX, sound beds, and talkover pads.

Don’t just produce Holiday imaging, smoke it with
“A Kippered Christmas”! That’s only $99 with any major credit card. Get on the horn and contact Ian Sturgeon for an invoice, visit www.BigFishWorldwide.com right now.

A Kippered Christmas Demo

Download Demo

But wait, there is more! Email Ian Sturgeon to get signed up for cool updates and find out how you can get an absolutely amazing discount. This offer lasts until November 1, 2008. email ian [at] bigfishworldwide.com

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