Jesse McCartney – It’s Over Power Intro is up again with another power intro customized for Hot FM featuring the hit song It’s Over by Jesse McCartney. The song is one of the few ones that you instantaneously know is a monster. I mean, the clap beats are everywhere in this song, which is remarkably similar to the beats of Take A Bow, Irreplaceable, With You, and So Sick.

Well, we’re not gonna talk about music here. This power intro, to start with, has all the basics. It kicks off with a vhoomph impact FX, but not too loud and not too punchy as this song starts out subtle. Just enough impact here. Then, the Jesse McCartney artist drop comes in saying “what’s going on, it’s Jesse McCartney.”

Jesse McCartney Power Intro Sample

Jesse McCartney Power Intro ID

Then the station slogan comes in, this is going to be quick. So if your station has a lengthier positioner, you may throw in the dial point instead. Then another voice drop with Jesse talking about his second single in his Departure album. Then punctuates with the station name.

Notice that we cut the intro part of the song here into half. We don’t want to clutter the entire intro part with unnecessary drops, bolts, and nuts or whatever. The most important thing about power intro is that it should be quick yet relevant.

We coupled this power intro with a standalone ID version, which works basically like what its name says. You don’t need to edit this over the actual music. Just fire it before the song and hear how your automation system works out the magic.

We can give you a plug and play version of this power intro, as well as the standalone ID, that means without the station details, so you can insert your slogan and station name in between. Request for a copy and customize this It’s Over Jesse McCartney power intro by emailing us, just click here.

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