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In this month’s issue of the Blue Revolution E-Zine:

  • Scott M Hogle Talks About A Targetted Sales Department
  • Consultant Steve Warren Talks Christmas Programming
  • Make Your Job Easier This Christmas With Blue Revolution
  • International Radio Expert Robert Johannson Explains The Most Common Music Scheduling Problems

Christmas Memory Sound Bites

Here’s an idea for Christmas Cheer. Have the request line recorder running. Ask callers “what’s your best Christmas memory”. (Get their okay to air it.) Or, you could solicit “memories” with on-air announcements.

Splice the best into 10-15 second bites. Produce a simple intro with tinkling bells in the background. The intro copy should be something like this: “K-Fox 103. with Tulsa’s Christmas memories … (sound bite)” After the sound bite, segue into a Christmas song.

This is simple to do and sounds very neat on the air. It has an excellent “local” appeal. You can save the best of these things and use them year after year, they will never wear out.

Listener Christmas Sings

Another entertaining feature is to record listeners singing familiar Christmas songs acapella. You can solicit callers for this on the air, or just ask random callers to sing a few lines for you. Record and edit the sound bites down to the best 10-20 seconds. Add some production elements, perhaps. Ten to fifteen good “sings” is all you need. You can rotate them through the season. Schedule the sings as the last element in a stop set. Make a cold segue from a listener segue into a Christmas song.

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