One Christmas, ONE Reelworld

ReelWorld ONE December UPdate 2008ReelWorld ONE is packed with Holiday goodies for its December update.  CHR serves two new themes: Freedom – a hard hitting uptempo dance flavored jingle ID, and YuleBeat – well, what can I say another Merry Christmassie jingle ID! As usual the new 10 produced IDs are hot. Don’t forget the logo workparts, and beatmixes too.

Country does not want to be second best and so here’s another pair of seasonal themes. Actually, it’s only one, but like the November cut HollyDaze, this month’s new theme YuleTied is also available in 2 versions: the Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays sings.

Great new produced IDs are kicking off this month, and they kick off the Holiday Spirit right on the butt.

ONE CHR December | Download

ONE AC December | Download

ONE Country December | Download

It may be cold outside now, but ReelWorld AC keeps your listeners warm and relaxed with a 2-version theme called EggNoggin. Don’t mind the name, though. It’s available in 2 different sings. It’s a perfect addition to the November theme Yule See Magic. As always, the logo workparts and segues are out of the box, so you’re AC station won’t sleepy and boring this Christmas.

Check out all the updates today on ReelWorld ONE,

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