ReelWorld ‘Kix’ Ass in Memphis

WGKX Kix 106 Memphis Returns to ReelWorldAfter airing the ‘quitar riffery’ and ‘good time grooves’ of one of the other companies for less than a year, we’re very pleased to announce the return of Kix 106 Memphis to the ReelWorld camp.

It took Program Director Tim Jones just 10 minutes to fall in love with ReelWorld ONE ‘Country’ and he just HAD to have the KKWF Wolf Seattle Version of the service. When asked how much he loves his new cuts, Tim kept it short, but very sweet: “These jingles sizzle on the air like the smell of BBQ slow cooking on the river”.

Mmmm, the sweet smell of BBQ by the river, and ReelWorld smoking ‘the other guys’ one station at a time! Check out ReelWorld ONE Country now and kick some lilly ‘a**’.

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