The Conception of a Historical Jingle Package

The Conception of a Historical Jingle PackageThe OBAMA Jingle package from M-Edge Productions ( is indeed as defining as the celebration of the Americans in the inauguration of President-elect Barrack Obama. The package is a monument that recorded the unity of Americans during this historically significant event.

In a conversation with Tony Valdez from M-Edge Productions, is proud to present to you some insights on how the OBAMA Jingle package came to be.

Can you give us a little insight on how the jingle package came to be.

This was an internal project…no station was involved.

The La Kalle 2008 is a perfect choice for this package. But can stations use or order other existing packages to be resung as an Obama package, like if they want to choose the KDWB instead?

I thought of that and yes it can be done…but it would be more of a custom production.  However, the current package “La Kalle 2008” can be purchased off-the-shelf and stations can use it as-is (of course a resing can be done as well for the La Kalle package)

The Obama package is CHR, but I believe with the kind of victorious spirit every American has right now, I think this package can fit any format, whether AC or Newstalk.

I AGREE.  We felt the La Kalle PKG fit because of the styles of music incorporated in the pkg.  Since the package is specific to an historic moment it seems to me that the style is important but secondary in priority to the lyrical content and overall message.

I am positive that this package will have a very long shelf-life. Matter of fact, stations can even have this package resung for the 4th of July.

YES…may God hear you my brother J  A package with a long shelf life is a very good thing.

OBAMA Jingle Package Demo 2009 | Download

To get details on how you can get this historical package for your station, email Tony now, or visit

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