The Q Signature Series

Introducing the blazin’ new Gospel jingles

“Gospel Glory” for WYCB, Washington D.C.

This glorious new jingle package currently features ten (10) soulful gospel cuts that will have your listeners singin’, praisin’ and worshipin’ all day long!!!! They fit well either between songs or out of stop sets. Nothing brands your station better or keeps your station more “top of mind”, than when listeners can sing the name of your station and positioning statement… practically in their sleep! Gospel Glory gives your station that edge!!!

This package brings you a higher level of sound than your typical Gospel jingles, and sets a new industry standard for music production and vocal quality!!!

Unlike other “Gospel” packages available today, it delivers a “TRUE” gospel sound that reflects the play-list of top Gospel stations around the US… It collectively features the talent of some of the top singers, musicians, songwriters, and up-and-coming music professionals in the Gospel industry.

Gospel Glory 2009 | 3:02 – 4.17MB

Gospel Glory was produced by Quedon J. Baul a/k/a “Q” and is available exclusively from TM Studios.

Keep reading for more on Q. You may be surprised to hear he has already produced a package sold by TM Studios. Can you guess what one? Listen to the Gospel Glory demo first.

Q launched his career into the Radio Jingle and Production world back in the early 2000’s when he began singing parody songs and I.D.’s for Morning Shows in major radio markets. In late 2005, Q created the first “true” Urban AC jingle package! When released in 2006, it caught a blaze and spread like wild fire, and is still going strong today! That jingle package was Urban Flava.

It’s featured on top rated stations like Hot 105 in Miami (WHQT), Kiss 104.1 in Atlanta (WALR), 1073 Jamz in Greenville-Spartan, SC (WJMZ), 94.5 K-Soul in Dallas (KSOC), 92Q in Nashville (WQQK), Star 94.5 in Orlando (WCFB), 98.7 Kiss FM in Birmingham (WBHK) and FM 98 – Clear Channel New Orleans (WYLD)… just to name a few in the US.

Internationally, Q’s Urban AC package has been a success on top stations in the Bahamas, Osaka & Tokyo, Japan, all the way to Nairobi, Kenya (Africa).

Q has formed a dynamic team of composers, producers, writers, vocalist and engineers, to bring a strong – new force to the world of radio and commercial production… and while still considered by some to be the “new kid on the block”, Q is certainly bringing a new sound to the game that is simply “undeniable”… So lookout BIG DOGS, ‘cause here he comes!

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