ReelWorld to Sound Freqz: Thumbs Up!

ReelWorld gives Sound Freqz their official stamp of approval by including them on their website. “There is a great little Library out there that we feel stations should know about and Sound Freqz is it. The production quality, usability and price is incomparable. Whether stations are on a budget but still need big market tracks, or whether stations are just looking to spice up their imaging effects catalog Sound Freqz delivers.”

In the ongoing effort to listen to real world feedback from producers, in order to keep things fresh, we would like to ask our audience a few questions and in return JD together with RadioJingles will be giving away a copy of Sound Freqz Vol.1. This is a great opportunity to be a part of this interactive survey with JD. Tell us what you would like to hear in a package and enter a chance to win a great library!

Sound Freqz Demo | Download

Join the Sound Freqz giveaway now – enter here.

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