The Rocketeers

The Rocketeers are coming!

The Rocketeers is a brand new jingle company, founded by Joost and Stas. Joost has worked with Top Format and VHU Europe. In 2006, it was Joost that founded ReelWorld Europe. Joost did some excellent work on Yorin FM a few years ago. He remixed all Yorin FM’s jingles to make them more edgy. On top of the Reelworld vocals , he recorded one of his favorite jingle singers. Check it out. He also produced for Q-Music and Radio Veronica.

Stas Swaczyna was Creative Director at VHU Europe / Pure Jingles and worked at 3FM and Yorin FM in the past.

Their site is still a work in progress, but they had added two packages. One for Radio Decibel and the other is for 3FM’s weekend morning show ‘Domien Is Wakker’ (NPS). Listen to the demos below, and watch out for more from The Rocketeers soon!

Radio Decibel 2009 | 3.87MB – 4:13

3FM’s ‘Domien Is Wakker’ | 2.65MB – 2:53

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  1. Novell says:

    Hi Paul, great sounding jingles here. Joost works since his ReelWorld days have this signature sound, classic edgy, Joost has got this snack of combining the CHR guitar riffs and the AC horn, which is very apparent in packages for Yorin FM, Q Music and Veronica. Can’t wait for the site.

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