Big Bad Beds

Big Bad Beds. The newest offering from Ryan Drean.

This is 99 30-second beds for you to purchase and then own free and clear. It is royalty free production music for web, radio, television or anything really. 99 of the sweetest beds you’ve ever laid ears on… hype stuff… scary stuff… chilled out beds… smokin’ beats… it’s all there!

You can’t keep your station fresh with stale beds, and at this price your PD will declare you an imaging hero, and offer to roll the money you’ll save into your quarterly bonus…hey…you can dream right? Stations in New York, Dallas, San Francisco, Detroit, and Seattle are already on it…and at this price you can own it too!

For more information on Big Bad Beds, go here.

Big Bad Beds Demo | .MB – 2:19

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