Brandy’s Alternative Jingles

Brandy's Alternative JinglesWe’re quite sure of it: you have never heard anything like this. The VIBE is an exclusive alternative jingle package that works for urban, rock, and CHR formats. Listening to THE VIBE will do someting to you. You’ve been warned.

Brandy is also proud to visually image the newest radio station you know. Brandy helped created a graphic logo for JOE FM – a happy , energetic, character-rich, spontaneous broadcaster with a twist.

VivaCité also received a new theme that will define its 5th anniversary. The MOR radio station of the RTBF, VivaCité, has been on the air for half a decade. And, like in all good families, that’s a birthday that you celebrate with verve.

Get all details of the latest Brandy news, log on to Listen to THE VIBE package now.

THE VIBE 2009 Alternative Demo | Download

VivaCité Anniversary Theme | Download

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