Jingles on AMP Radio 97.1

AMP Radio 97.1 Jingles and SweepersAlmost 20 days after its launch on the 20th of February, it is still 10,000 songs in a row on LA’s New Hit Music Channel AMP Radio 97.1 – a CBS radio station. Clear Channel’s KIIS now has a match, although programmers and listeners are believing AMP is more rhythmic than 102.7. Here’s how the new station AMPED LA listeners.

A visitor on AMP website said that the new station is COOL, because it has NO COMMERCIAL. Most of them are loving it. Although some are appealing not to play the same songs over and over again. The listeners’ reaction to the format switch from FM Talk to AMP was mixed, thinking that’s it’s going to be JUST ANOTHER hit music station. But one listener said AMP Radio has given her the reason to turn off her iPod. Talking about 10k songs in a row!

Here’s an audio cap of AMP Radio’s Imaging, voiced by ___________ (fill in the blank)

Imaging wise, AMP Radio cuts it with compelling and young adult-targeted sweepers. No sung jingles yet. But we’re expecting perhaps ReelWorld to do the jingles. Question: Who is the voice behind the AMP Radio sweepers? Listen to AMP Radio here.

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2 Responses

  1. very nice cut…like it…

  2. TR says:

    But who is de voice guy that sounds like Tom Hanks?

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