Best TV Spot for Radio Ever

TV Commercial for RadioBrandy created the sequel for Q-Music’s Maximum Hit Music campaign. With a new, catchy sound bed and stylish young-adult lifestyle snapshots, this commercial is once again the talk of the Netherlands and Belgium.

2 Cents: This is the best TV Campaign I’ve seen ever since the KISS Seattle vids done by Rosler Creative years ago. You just can’t beat the quality of the production, the meticulous choice of clips, the synergy between motion and audio, truly captures what Q Music is all about. No less than Maximum Hit Music!

When it comes to TV Spots for Radio I think of Rosler Creative and Drake Donovan. What other production companies you know that do TV Campaigns for radio?

Krash Creative also comes to mind, They’ve done a few video imaging for WKIS Miami, KWOD FM, and 96.9 The Eagle. You can watch some of their videos here. What do you know?

TV Spot for Q Music

TV Campaign for 100.7 The Wolf Seattle by Rosler Creative

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