Nick Parker Interviews Dave Foxx Z100

Nick Parker Interviews David Foxx Z100We’ve seen and heard Dave Foxx, Creative Services Director of Z100 New York being interviewed a handful of times. But there has never been an interview that’s upclose and personal as this one. Nick Parker of chatted with the Prod God himself inside his studio.

Know why the music industry has once put Z100 at the bottom, his life story and more. Meet the ‘god’ like you’ve never knew him. Thanks to Nick Parker of NPL is voiceover, production and imaging based in Metropolitan, New York. With experience in one of the top markets in the nation, Parker stands out from the rest. Unlike other voice and production people out to make a quick buck, Parker puts a lot of effort into not only his work, but your work too. Together, we can make something great!


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3 Responses

  1. Andy says:

    Does anybody know what the Digi control surface Dave is using in this video? I’ve been trying to find out what/which version it is this evening and so far not had any look. I’m guessing they either dont sell it anymore or its new.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Bruce says:

    This kid has some crazy talent for putting that all together!
    Can i get his contact info?

  3. My favorite part of the video was the ending when Dave Foxx advices Nick to always pay it forward.

    When somebody comes to you for an interview, say yes, that’s one way of paying him back … very well said from prod god himself.

    I mean, he couldn’t be called a ‘god’ for no reason at all.

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