Benztown Branding Now On Q96

Benztown Branding on Q69This is the worst crap I’ve ever been subjected to – there are people that actually want this? – come on!’…….oh, wait – you mean ‘what do I think about BenzTown? Well, that’s completely different – BEST EVER!!!!! If you’re in a small market like me, this is a Godsend! Thank You so very much for giving us the ability to shine!.

This was what Tony Driskill, General Managaer of The Valley’s Q96, Imperial Valley, California, has got to say right after signing up for Benztown Branding.

Benztown is also proud to announce that they have just added 150 new voice elements, ready for you to download and use in your next production. Frequency, Call Letters, Countdown … just log on to, and go to Voice Samples.

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