Stabs, Sweeps, Synths For Radio Production

Stabs, Sweeps, Synths for Radio ProductionOkay, I love creating branded intros and other productions that have something to do with songs. Particularly challenging are times when you wish you had the raw synths, FX, stabs, and guitar riffs of the song.

I just found out about this new radio imaging package from Bangin Beats. The package is called Eargasm, what a perfect name, the best thing is that it’s loaded with lots of sound design elements. It’s got drones, sound scapes, phone FX, beats, yeah the usual stuff, but like I said, the icing on the cake on this package are the super cool stabs, stereo sweeps, solo instruments, and plenty of synths.

This package lets you become a music producer. The best part is it’s only $49.95. I hope I get paid with this post, but I’m not. Gotta check it out here –

Eargasm – Modern Radio Imaging Elements

Soon on – a brand new package for a syndicated show.

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