The Making of Radio 5 Nostalgia Jingles

The Making of Radio 5 Nostalgia JinglesIn co-operation with Radio 5 Nostalgia’s Music Director Ron Stoeltie, Top Format produced a series that was played by the Dutch Metropole Orchestra.
Not less than 55 people performed on this unique jingle package that convey the nostalgic sound of this Public Broadcaster in the Netherlands.
To even emphasise the big sound of the orchestra, 6 vocalists were used to showcase the station’s message: “Those were the days!” 


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  1. Etheldra Sharpe says:

    Wow Great Those Voices were awesome. I love the way they all pronounced the number 5. Sweet. It seemed a little long for what is was produced for, unless, the Jock was to talk his intro through it.

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