The Producers Podcast – Ann Dewig Next

Ryan Drean is doing a great job with his ‘The Producers‘ series of podcasts. He’s talked with Clear Channel’s Dave Foxx, Jeff Berlin, TM’s Chris Stevens, Phat Matt Ganssle (Imaging producer), KIIS FM’s Kelly Kelly Kelly, Voiceover Will Morgan, Eric Chase and Ben Neidle of Noise Fusion. You can subscribe and listen to all the podcasts on his website – Ryan on the Radio

Ryan has Ann DeWig lined up for the podcast next week. The podcast is being recorded on Friday and Ryan is looking for your questions! You can contact him via his website.

Ann Dewig! She has graciously offered up her time on Friday, thus the next episode will be posted very early next week. PLEASE submit your questions to me for her. You might think this will be a heavily VO intesive episode but you would be wrong. We all learned from Kelly3 that she is a better producer than… most everyone.

Ryan is also looking for feedback on his podcasts.

Your opinion: I want to do either a feature or an entire episode where I get main questions answered by “the man” – basically program directors, casting directors, agents, etc will try to help you know what they look for while casting or hiring. Would this be better as a stand alone episode featuring 4 or 5 or a feature I include over the course of many episodes with one 5-6 minute segment each time?

Also: feel free to submit your demos or screen shots of your sessions and plug ins to me. I am personally always looking for new ways to do things and I think others are as well. I can’t promise I would use everything but I will post stuff to the show notes section whenever I get submissions.

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