Watch Z100 Video Airchecks

Z100 Video AirchecksFour months after its maiden broadcast and exactly a day before I was born, this video was taken at the Secaucus Studio of Z100 featuring the pioneering voices of the universally celebrated Z Morning ZOO – PD Scott Shannon, JR Nelson, Ross Brittain, and finally got to see here – Professor Jonathan Bell. And here the first JAM jingles for Z100 were heard.


Amazingly, it took less than 75 days for WHTZ to reach the top of the ratings game, after it launched in August 2 of 1983.

And on the same month, 25 years later, Z100 is proud to bring Trey Morgan in an 8-08 video aircheck. This is the very reason why Z100 never and will never nose dive again in the ratings game.


*Does anybody have the popular Professor Jonathan Bell jingle from JAM Productions?

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