Cue’s New Jingle Projects

Cue Creative’s jingle division Warp by Cuehave been busy working with stations in Russia, Belgrade and Holland along with imaging for the Sensation Podcast. Read more below.


New imaging for Radio Record in St. Petersburg, Russia has been launched. Radio Record is the leading dance station in Russia and is official event partner of amongst other ID&T Sensation. This imaging from Cue Creative’s Warp by Cue was produced with one the leading voice actors in the United Kingdom. Everything is produced with the newest F*Cue production effects.

Radio Record 2009 from Cue Creative | 1:03 – 993kb


Back into time with Hotradio Plus, one of East-Holland’s top stations. They
play a lovely mix of music from the 70ies, 80ies and 90ies. Cue Creative’s
Warp by Cue delivered a huge package of liners, promos and top of the hours.

Hot Radio Plus Holland 2009 from Cue Creative | :24 – 385kb


A resing for Top FM from Belgrade. The easy listening sounds of Radio Zhivania were the bases for this package. From now on all the listeners of Top FM, a very popular station in Serbia, can enjoy the sweets sound produced by Warp by Cue.

Top FM Serbia 2009 from Cue Creative | 2:04 – 1.90MB


To accomplish the Sensation Podcast, Cue Creative’s Warp by Cue produced imaging voiced by the voice of Sensation. The imaging will be used in the special Sensation Podcasts which are downloadable directly after the event, held in lots of countries in the World and is visited by hundreds of thousands people. Cue Creative is also responsible for producing these podcasts, besides the awesome imaging.

Sensation Radio Podcast 2009 from Cue Creative | :46 – 721kb

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  1. Josh says:

    I always thought DFM was the leading dance station in Russia?

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