Production Vault 2.0 coming this Fall


When launched in 2006, the sole purpose of Production Vault was to provide radio stations with hte most incredible array of constantly updated production and imaging workparts ever created. Fast forward three years and there are now a total of seven production vault services, covering the complete spectrum of imaging categories, airing on the biggest stations around the work, and each one sharing ReelWorld’s original vision.

But times have changed. In 2009, the radio industry faced it toughest challenges in recent history. Program and Production Directors are wearing more and more hats than ever before. More hats mean more work. More work means less time to complete each task. Not ideal, especially in the new world of PPM.

Production Vault has become – to quote our clients – the most invaluable service available.

Production Vault is offered in 7 flavours – CHR*, HAC*, AC*, Urban*, Country*, Rock* and Newstalk. They also have a Holiday service dedicated to the festive season. Production Vault Mornings for CHR, HAC and Country is coming soon and Production Vault 2.0 is due to launch this Fall.

CHR May 2009 Highlights

AC May 2009 Highlights

HAC May 2009 Highlights

Country May 2009 Highlights

Urban May 2009 Highlights

Rock May 2009 Highlights

* All sites have had a recent Face Book-like makeover, that features an updated demo as well as monthly highlights.

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