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Chuck Brokes, Creative Services Director of Q 102 recently produced a brand new imaging package for their station and because they are so proud of it, they decided to create a montage of the results now online at In this short presentation, PlayJingles does not only allow you to play the individual productions, but also lets you hear an embedded aircheck that showcases the day to day use of the material.

If you like to spend a few minutes listening to, of what Chuck and the Q102 team think is, a very creative way of imaging a radio station, check out and have fun!

Chuck created basic jingle IDs for their station, along with talkover cuts, top of hour, image promos, power intros, sweep sings and the ground-breaking POWER OUT. Check out what Chuck has to say …

About the imaging and branding:  “The way our station sounds is absolutely unique in our market. Of course, the playlist is one of a kind, but when it comes to imaging and branding, what I’m talking about goes way beyond your imagination, the liners, the sweeps, the jingles, and promos — they’re all productions that match, not only with our music, but appeal to the image that we created and really keep our listeners as close to the station as possible.

It’s almost scary, it’s so close, it’s like they can actually physically touch the jocks. “

About their music imaging promo: “It used to be so hard to link our claim and name to the songs in a musical way, but with the vocal tools we use, it’s a matter of minutes. Plus, they sound so much better, with our ID totally intigrated, not just between the songs, but being a part of them. They reflect our identity unmistakably and really brand our image. ”

Apart from that, we also use these vocal tools whenever we create our power intros, song intros, or whatever name you put on it.”

About their new discovery, POWER OUT: “Like everybody else, we were thinking of something different as exciting as the intros, to link one song to another. What we came up with turned out to work even better than the intros. We created a sort of super glue for the outro of songs … and we call them power out, yes we power out the song and run into the next one.”

Among of the brilliant creations of Chuck Brokes team are the Sweep Sings. They are a combination of spoken liners, using their vocal tools. It gives such a different dimension to the Q102 station imaging and sets the station much apart from what all the others in their market are doing.

Listen to a short presentation below or head on to right now, that’s

Q-102 Imaging Presentation | Download 19.8 mb 8:39 min

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10 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    FANTASTIC STUFF! Is it for sale too?

  2. Novell says:

    Well, with the quality of the jingles, any station would really want this syndicated. Chuck says there’ll be more details coming. So, we’ll keep you posted on that

  3. Ryan Radio says:

    Chuck and The Chuckers are taking over the imaging world 😉

  4. Brandon says:

    Its Q102-Philadelphia

  5. Novell says:

    Thanks Brandon. I think I am hearing a familiar voice in jingle vocals. Sounds to me like Emily McIntosh.

    Q102 still plays jingles from ReelWorld ONE using the Kiss 108 logo.

  6. Craig says:


  7. Q105 says:

    Where can I buy this package??!!!

  8. radiohead says:

    Is there a way to listen online to Q102? I’m outside the USA 🙁

  9. larrymcp says:

    Actually I believe the “Q102” sing of this package is only the jingle company’s demo (the package is not used at any station called Q102).

    The “Play” jingles are in use on Radio Metro in St. Petersburg, Russia (

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