1330 Network Pays Homage to Michael Jackson

1330 Networks assembled a four and a half minute montage of Michael Jackson’s popular songs as tribute to the late King of Pop Star which was distributed via the Network’s site at 1330Networks.com.

Michael Jackson Tribute

The production, which includes 20 clips of Michael’s hits is a broadcast material, produced by Jon Wolfert of JAM Creative Productions. Jon is also the producer of “Valier”, a 5-hour weekday show for AC stations.

Programmed by AC consultant Gary Berkowitz, the show is hosted by Valier Smith. It features a fully researched and contemporary mix of music from the ’70s through today with an emphasis on the ’90s and 2000s. “Valier” is fully customized for a station’s market and is delivered every weekday via satellite on a 100% barter basis.

“Valier” Demo Middays

For more information on Valier, visit 1330Networks.com now.

6 Responses

  1. Thierry says:

    Another superb production from JAM!
    Thanks for the montage tribute.

  2. all of my friends are Michael Jackson fans, we would really miss the King of Pop.

  3. Freak says:

    A montage, nothing more than a montage. Not even fits the beat. Bah!

  4. Michael Jackson will be the greatest pop singer in the whole world. Everyone will miss him.

  5. there is no doubt that Michael Jackson is the best ever pop music artist of the Centruy;`”

  6. Lucas Watson says:

    i will really miss the King of Pop. michael jackson is truly the best pop artist in this lifetime..`~

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