KOST change to ReelWorld

SEATTLE, Washington—July 22, 2009—ReelWorld Productions Inc. today unveiled Los Angeles based KOST‐FM as the latest ReelWorld ONE AC and Production Vault AC affiliate.

“It’s a momentous day for the guys here at ReelWorld.” said Craig Wallace, ReelWorld’s Affiliate Relations Director for the Los Angeles market. “I’m excited for Stella and the team at KOST as they break from around 25 years of jingle tradition and embark on the next generation of imaging for KOST with ReelWorld. We will be there for them every step of the way and I’m sure that their Clear Channel sister stations WLIT Chicago and WLTW New York will agree that they are in very good hands!”

“AC radio has evolved over the last 27 years.” said Stella Prado, KOST’s Program Director. “When we signed on in 1982, Air Supply, Dan Fogelberg and Paul Davis were AC staples. Now artists like Mariah Carey, John Mayer, Kelly Clarkson and others shape the sound that is our AC world. We have always remained focused on the changing tastes of our listeners. Working with ReelWorld will freshen the image we have worked so long to achieve.”

REELWORLD ONE // the most revolutionary jingle service available to CHR, AC, and COUNTRY stations. Jingles and imaging no longer have a shelf life of just one or two years. ReelWorld ONE content is updated monthly and, in addition to new jingles, the service also includes a logo‐based vocal kit sung in every key and an incredible array of playlist‐current production workparts and components.

PRODUCTION VAULT // launched as a CHR‐only service in 2006, but quickly grew. In 2009, there are a total of 7 unique Production Vault services (CHR, AC, HOT AC, COUNTRY, URBAN, ROCK, NEWSTALK), each covering the complete spectrum of imaging categories. Unlike all other competing services, Production Vault boasts effortless ‘online to on air’ workflow thanks to its production‐driven website design, a constant stream of targeted topical content, and a colossal content library which can be downloaded and aired in a matter of minutes. Production Vault is the fastest‐growing production service available, airing on well over 700 stations.

About Reelworld:
Founded in 1994, ReelWorld Productions create industry‐leading jingle packages and the Production Vault family of production services. Boasting a client list of thousands, ReelWorld jingles and imaging are heard on the biggest stations ‐ in the biggest cities ‐ around the world. Stations airing ReelWorld products include Z100 New York, WLTW New York, KIIS Los Angeles, KOST Los Angeles, WLIT Chicago, KHKS Dallas, Radio 538 Netherlands, Channel 4 Dubai, Virgin Radio France, CHUM FM Toronto. ReelWorld products and services are available via a global network of sales partners. In the United States, products can be ordered via ReelWorld’s domestic sales team or for barter through Premiere Radio Networks.

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6 Responses

  1. Thierry says:

    Very sad news…

  2. joost says:

    that’s great news! for both parties.

  3. Bob Dinan says:

    End of an era, blah blah blah .. but change is always interesting

  4. Thierry Laflamme says:

    Just two questions for you guys: how old are you and what kind of music or radio station do you listen usually? (…)

  5. Glen Ashworth says:

    The same old RW package.
    Cheesey production with same old singers.
    They all sound the same.

  6. Edu Camargo says:

    The only thing that has changed in my opinion was the way people do pop music today. And ReelWorld seems to be the way to go based on the things we listen currently. Sad news for JAM, though.

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