PURE Jingles for KRONEHIT Austria

Here is the jingle package that shakes up Austrian radio to its core! PURE Jingles created a complete new set of station IDs for Austria’s leading private radio station KRONEHIT. It’s the first PURE Jingles package that is sung in the German language.


KRONEHIT plays a lot of current music for its young audience – so the 10 Main Themes, Top of the Hour and even the News, Weather and Traffic Beds have the energy and vibe of today’s and tomorrow’s hits. On top of this package, the production team ordered an extensive vocal kit, with acapella work parts in all 12 keys – and all of them in various styles and tempos. These elements are used for weekly-refreshed hook promos and power intros.


“We constantly look for innovative ways to brand our positioning statement – We Are The Most Music – in the mind of our listeners”, KRONEHIT Program Director Rüdiger Landgraf explains. “This great package is one of the most important tools to achieve this.” This sonic boom makes your competition run for cover… Mix and match KRONEHIT jingles with the latest chart hits, using the PURE JingleMixer on www.purejingles.com.


KRONEHIT is the only nation wide private radio in Austria. The station with the slogan We Are The Most Music targets young adults, mainly women – the core listener is in her or his late twenties. R&B, Soft Pop and Dance drive its format. The CHR station has a daily reach of 6,8%, which equals half a million people. KRONEHIT can also be heard on the Internet: www.kronehit.at.

PURE Jingles

PURE Jingles stands for groundbreaking radio jingles & branding. The new radio sound from Europe is created by a team with years of experience within radio, marketing, music production and sound design.

The young Dutch company works for award-winning stations like NRJ / France, The Voice / Denmark, 3FM / Netherlands and KRONEHIT / Austria. PURE Jingles are also behind the innovative production libraries Orange Panther (for CHR and Hot AC formats) and Smooth Panther (for AC stations).

Pure Jingles for KRONEHIT Austria

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4 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    AWESOME package!!

    Never heard of PURE Jingles before, but seems like this won’t be the last we’ll hear from them. Liked the FG package on their site too, really fresh.

  2. Novell says:

    Hi Jason, thanks for your comment. PURE Jingles used to be PURE Imaging. They’ve been around for a while now.

  3. Show de Bola Esse Audio!!!!!

  4. Aaron Denman says:

    A very interesting post.

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