BBC Radio 1’s longest ever serving breakfast show host!

On Monday September the 7th 2009, Chris Moyles became Radio 1’s longest ever serving breakfast show host, beating the record previously held by Tony Blackburn (Radio 1’s first ever breakfast show presenter) since Tony came off the breakfast show on the 1st of June 1974. The team here at Music 4 are extremely proud to have been with Chris every step of the way on this massive journey as the creators and producers of the shows now famous on-air branding, jingles and beds.

Over the past five years Music 4 have produced hundreds of jingles and beds for the show including the legendary ‘opening song’ which launched Chris onto the Radio 1 Breakfast Show in January 2004.

They remain pretty certain that the ‘opening song’ is the longest ‘jingle’ ever to be actually broadcast in full on the radio and to celebrate Chris’s record breaking show the whole thing was played again (with a few changes here and there).

Chris Moyles Opening Song 2009 Remixed | 6.22MB – 5:26

And the original:
Chris Moyles Original Opening Song 2004 | 5.06MB – 5:31

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2 Responses

  1. the number one of planet!!
    preference 1 Brazilian

  2. Bob Dinan says:

    A slightly selective history of Radio 1 breakfast DJs (eg Chris Evans isn’t mentioned), but a great jingle (if a little too long)!

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