Channel 4 Package Re-sung for WKQK

TM Studios is proud to present the jingle resings of the successful Channel 4 Package for Classic Hit Station 94.1 WKQK Memphis. KQK was formally Snap 94.1.

TM Studios added new sets of themes for the original Channel 4 Package including news, weather and traffic as heard on the Bay Radio version posted here at .

Chris Stevens, said: “We enjoy working with stations of all sizes. Radio is more competitive than ever, and it’s essential to have a strong station sound that clearly communicates the values of your station.”

WKQK 94.1 Memphis – Channel 4 (copyright TM Studios)

TM Studios

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2 Responses

  1. joost says:

    nice melodies and bright vocal harmonies!

  2. Jingle Fornia says:

    Not bad at all!

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