Mega Hits 2009 Wise Buddah

Wise Buddah is proud to announce another jingle package for the Portuguese radio market, Mega Hits.

The package is a combination of a re-sing and a custom package.

The re-sing element comes from Wise Buddah’s highly acclaimed Kiss FM Berlin package. Mega Hits comprises of 20 IDs and four top of hours as well as full service elements, shotguns and ramps.

We also produced a cappella vocals in all keys and created 15 production beds with the new Mega Hits logo.

Mega Hits is the sister station to RFM, another Wise Buddah customer.

The total rebranding of MEGA taking into account the tastes of our listeners and the way they consume radio, forced us to think very careful on the kind of jingles we should put on air.

And thanks to a great and creative WB team, they found the way to a powerful, package!

Neslon Cunha
Programme Director
Mega Hits

For more information about Wise Buddah Jingles & Music Imaging go to

To listen online to Mega Hits FM visit

Mega Hits 2009 Wise Buddah (copyright Wise Buddah)

Wise Buddah

Thanks to ( for the audio material. All material copyright Wise Buddah London.

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