Brandy Jingles Hits Belgium, and Canada Again

La Viva is the 4th custom package we produced for VivaCité in Belgium. The aim was to create a new sound for the French radio omarket that was both contemporary and warm. 16 brand new cuts give the station a new image with lots of ‘French flair’. A massive amount of mixouts provide the DJ’s with a complete toolset for their every need.

Viva La Viva Demo

For the last decade we’ve been working very closely with Radio 2 in Belgium, and the latest fruit of our intense cooperation is Close 2 You volume 3. It consists of Top of Hour cuts for every daypart, dayparted weekend Top of Hours, a ToH that ran during the summer and a few transition cuts that expand the ‘Close 2 You’ jingle family even further. Again, it was produced with a big vocal group and lots of live instruments, among which a full strings and brass section. It’s the second update for Radio 2, which currently holds a staggering 32% marketshare and reaches about 1.5 million listeners each and every day!

Close 2 You Volume 3

We’ve also adapted some of cuts of Close 2 You volumes 1 & 2 for Boom FM in Québec, Canada. For the first time the Close 2 You cuts get a French twist! The station was looking for jingles that felt like they were made today but sounded very rich and fitted perfectly with their 60’s/70’s oriented oldies format. We composed a new logo, rearranged the jingles with their baseline, and sought out a specific vocal group. There are even some seasonal cuts for Christmas!

Boom FM Montage

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  1. Larry says:

    “Brandy Jingles Hits France, Belgium, and Canada”
    Where/ what station in France ?

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