Cool Hot AC jingles for Virgin Radio

The French edition of one of the world’s best-known radio brands commissioned PURE Jingles again to create a brand new, custom ID package to fit their Hot AC format. Un nouveau son en France!

The second chapter in the PURE-Virgin era is marked by a sound evolution, which was needed because of a slight format change. The first PURE Jingles package for Virgin Radio contained a lot of electro-influenced cuts, but the station’s recent move towards Pop and Rock songs made it necessary to introduce a new package of station IDs.

PURE Jingles always tailors its signature sound to the play list of its core clients. So they created Cool Hot AC jingles, that not only match with the best hit music from Amy Winehouse, Mika and Coldplay, but also with the greatest classics of U2, The Police and French artists M, Indochine and Renan Luce.

Check out the full package yourself, with the JingleMixer tool on the PURE Jingles website or listen to the Virgin Radio Showreel.

Virgin Radio 2009 Demo (copyright PURE Jingles)

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