TM Shine in Baltimore

Introducing Shine FM WRBS; the latest in a long line of great AC jingle packages from TM Studios. Created for WRBS in Baltimore, Shine FM contains 17 jingle themes with a wide variety of different mixes and versions. The strong tracks and modern vocal sound combine to create a station sound that’s both memorable and incredibly flexible.

In the package – 8 themes (ramp, slogan, ID, shotgun), 2 Top Of Hour ramps, 2 Christmas themes, and cuts for morning show, weather, promo spots, news and traffic.

WRBS 95.1 Shine FM 2009 from TM Studios (Ramps and TOHs)

WRBS 95.1 Shine FM 2009 from TM Studios (Slogans, Shotguns & Specialty)

“The jingles capture the essence of 95.1 SHINE-FM – the freshness of Christian AC, crisp, contemporary, upbeat and positive.”

The station streams online at

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