TM Studios: Thank You Tom Merriman

“He writes musical arrangements like Lincoln did the Gettysburg Address…on the back of an envelope…and they are equally historic.” These words are attributed to Ron Chapman, but they reflect a universal feeling shared by the many that knew, worked with and loved Tom Merriman, who died in the early morning hours of November 11, 2009.

A tribute created for Tom last year, in conjunction with a celebration of his life attended by singers, musicians, recording industry executives, family and friends from around the world, records that Merriman wrote and recorded the first radio jingle [for KLIF] ever recorded in Dallas and wrote countless commercials that are still recognizable and remembered today, including his recording (of) the voice on his classic, “I’m Otto, the Orkin Man.”

Merriman, whose initials have graced our company since 1967, was a music and radio pioneer, respected by his peers, copied by those who weren’t, and a man who gave of himself and always made the work he did look so easy.

“Tom Merriman. Genius. Forgive me for being redundant,” said Jim Long, TM’s co-founder, adding, “God bless you, Tom. My mentor, my partner, my friend.”

Mr. Long’s feelings are shared by many.

TM Studios: Thank You Tom Merriman

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  1. January 1, 2010

    […] Yorker obit Merriman, Tom (March 20, 1924 – November 11, 2009) Songwriter Website (tribute); Jingle News tribute; Meschonnic, Henri (September 18, 1932 – April 8, 2009) Poet Pierre Joris […]

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