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Wise Buddah is delighted to announce that it has been busy working on a number of custom packages for the new Orion Media Network comprising – BRMB, Mercia, Wyvern and Beacon (West Midlands) and Beacon (Shropshire).

Wise Buddah has now delivered BRMB and Mercia customs and is currently in production with a custom package for Wyvern.

Both the Mercia and Wyvern packages will be re sung for Beacon (West Midlands) and Beacon (Shropshire) with all packages on air from January 1st.

Each package comprises 10 main IDs plus news, travel and weather elements. The three custom packages have been composed so that each is unique and will sound different in overlapping TSAs. However, when all five stations are networked together, each jingle will synchronise in mood, tempo and duration, seamlessly maintaining the local brand and feel of local programming.

Group Programme Director David Lloyd said,

“On acquiring the Midlands commercial radio stations and carving out a new future for them, a fresh on-air identity was a priority. Having considered all the alternatives, Orion Media selected Wise Buddah on the strength of what they had done for BRMB previously, and what we had heard of their other CHR work.

The job was complex. All our stations in the West Midlands have significant music crossover, yet we wanted each to have a character of it s own, so we requested three separate packages. Each the same, but a bit different!

Rarely have I played a new ident package to a clutch or presenters and producers and PDs and heard such approval levels. Sometimes packages need to grow on people, but the new BRMB package is just one you want to play again and again straight away. Loudly. They complement our music perfectly, yet they stand out.

They have character and brightness which is often lacking in contemporary imaging packages, and they sound proud without sounding cliched. We love them.

Working with Wise Buddah has been a pleasure. We have struck the balance between briefing them of the goals and letting them have freedom to explore; and yet they have always been thoroughly helpful when we have returned with some detailed points on a particular cut. Service levels have been impressive, and we have felt across each package as it has grown, and material was delivered to our tight timetable. Wise Buddah felt as excited as we were about the end results”.

Well done WB!

BRMB and Mercia Sneak Preview | Download

Watch out for the individual package release exclusive at WiseBuddah.com and here at JingleNews.com.

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3 Responses

  1. John Hoare says:

    Better than a lot of contemporary jingle packages (like the way BRMB is sung in that montage). And I love what David Lloyd is saying there.

    But… man, I wish I could feel *excited* about a modern jingle package. All I think when I hear that is “yeah, not bad”. The ethos behind the package is far better than the execution.

  1. December 18, 2009

    […] reported last week, the package is one of five new packages that have been in production over the last three months […]

  2. January 6, 2010

    […] part of its commission to produce five new jingle packages for the Orion Media group of stations, Wise Buddah re sung its Wyvern custom for the Beacon Shropshire […]

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