Holiday Themes Now Up at ReelWorld ONE CHR

New this month on ReelWorld ONE CHR: “Crispiness” – Whatcha Say to a little ReelWorld Christmas Cheer!” and “MathMatik” – 3 Times the Jingle Pleasure with this Nod to Brit’s Hit.

Also up for the Holiday season are new logo workparts you can use for such hits as 3, Do You Remember, Fireflies and the synth logo “New Yeerz” and drone “Xmas Candy”. Check out as well Lady Gaga, Jazy and Alicia, Iyaz and Ke$ha for the beatmixes, plus 10 hot new Produced IDs.

In November, ReelWorld ONE CHR initially released a Holiday theme “Ho Ho Ho” available in two versions: Happy Holidays sing and the Wishing You A Merry Christmas sing. A Taylor Swift inspired jingle theme is also available.

Log on to and ask the ReelWorld Team about how you can get ONE for your station.

December Update

November Update

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  1. com a REELWORLD nao tem jeito, a melhor do mundo definitivamente!

  1. December 4, 2011

    […] other ReelWorld Christmas cuts: – Holiday Themes Now Up at ReelWorld ONE CHR – One Christmas, ONE […]

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