Radio InfoPro sounds 100% PURE

Radio InfoPro in Romania has a fresh, new sound from PURE Jingles. They customized the 100%NL package to the needs of this national AC radio.

Muzica e Nova Stire (Music is the New News) is the slogan of the station, that not only plays fresh new music and the best classics, but is also very topical. The jocks talk a lot about what’s going on, in an entertaining and intelligent way.

Radio InfoPro needed a jingle package to match their Soft-Pop and Pop-Rock based playlist, featuring artists like Pink and Lady GaGa, but also Prince and Bon Jovi – so they contacted PURE Jingles for the melodic and still powerful 100%NL package.

Program Director Ramon Cotizo: “Santa just arrived! Thank you very much for this gift – your team did a great job. We now have the best sound, thanks to you.”

Listen to an impression of the original package in Dutch!

PURE Jingles Full Reel 2009 100% NL

Radio InfoPro sounds 100% Pure

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  1. muzica house says:

    Orice bata are doua capete. Depinde din care capat privesti…

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