Popstars 2009 from The Rocketeers

The guys at The Rocketeers worked on a project called “Popstars” – a popular talent show on Dutch Television. They had to reproduce more than hundred twenty pop songs to be used by the contestants. And after hours in the studio the finished product was delivered.

Introducing, Popstars 2009, more than 120 instrumental pop songs custom created for SBS Television The Netherlands. Contact The Rocketeers on how you can get the music that you dream of, whether it’s imaging for radio or custom music for a talent search. Go to www.therocketeers.com now.

Popstars 2009 Demo

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4 Responses

  1. Jingle Joey says:

    I LOVE These Guys!!! Give Me More!!! Even If I Have To Order!

  2. Harry G says:

    this Is what you call “jingle” news

  3. Toasty says:

    Great stuff!also news

  4. Brammie says:

    Super Jongens!

    Dat stukje humor er door heen supermooi!, maar goed hele dikke muziek

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