3FM Met Michiel Package 2009

How do you image a popular program for a popular pop rock music station in The Netherlands? The Rocketeers did it with the 3FM Met Michiel Package 2009, produced for the radio show hosted by Michiel Veenstra.

All jingles are composed out of 5 main themes. The package has 5 mood cells too. (background ambience in the key of the matching theme, and with elements of it). For the enthusiasts: the music was mixed analogue and mastered with classic Neve compression.

Listen to the package and contact www.therocketeers.com to get 3FM Met Michiel Package 2009 for your station.

3FM Met Michiel Package 2009 Demo

The Rocketeers produces custom music for such radio, television and artists and was
founded in 2008 by Stas Swaczyna and Joost Griffioen.

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  1. Mick Hummel says:

    Ow Yeah we like it! it’s perfect for the show, and I also like the fact that it’s a male voice singin for once in a while. waarom typ ik dit eigelijk in het engels, ach… Doei;)

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