Jingle News Show March 2010

The Jingle News Show edition features the following . . . .

* John Hooper with news about his Thompson Creative packages
* TM Century updates the ShineFM package for Newstalk!
* New jingles from S2Blue
* PAMS re-sings and Trax additionals
* Play Radio updates
* Warp by Cue sings Jingle Radio
* . . . . and much more !

Plus the Jingle News Show have an update on the progress of Ben Freedman and consider the future of his jingle outfit . . .

AND there’s prizes to be won in a competition to win jingles for your radio station or project in our 3,2,1-WINNERS! contest! and all you have to do to enter is email your name !! Details on the Jingle Network site.

March Edition

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