JAM Release Up2Date for KEZK, St. Louis

KEZK, the soft rock AC powerhouse in St. Louis, needed to Update the sound of their imaging and accomplish 2 things: They wanted to use their well-established logo melody, and have an energetic package that sounds at home surrounded by today’s music. They also wanted the unique production qualities and depth that always make JAM jingles stand out and work so well. They got it all, and are now Up2date!

Up2date for KEZK from JAM Creative Productions

Most of the cuts are designed to be used as ramps or donuts to play under your live talent or station voice. There are also several song-to-song transition cuts. You can hear the jingles in use on KEZK or review the individual cuts on the JAM website here.

If you’re interested in syndicating this package for your station contact JAM for details, because getting your station Up2date is Up2you!

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  1. larry says:

    Good sound, good stuff!

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