Omroep Flevoland 2010 News Imaging Package by Top Format

Top Format Productions is proud to present its latest news imaging package for Omroep Flevoland.

Omroep Flevoland is the public broadcasting station for the province of Flevoland. Omroep Flevoland informs the people of Flevoland through radio, TV and the Internet. Omroep Flevoland radio broadcasts news and light informative programmes, alternated with a lot of music. On weekdays, the emphasis is on regional news. In weekends, there is plenty of room for sport from the region in addition to the news. TV Flevoland likewise broadcasts mainly news from Flevoland. Additionally, it produces programmes about nightlife, sports, nature, culture, and backgrounds to the news. Whenever TV Flevoland is off the air, the channel broadcasts D-TV, with a 1-minute news report every half hour from noon.

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Listen to a cut from the Omroep Package | Download

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