Summer Savings on JAM Jingles

Summer is the time to save on JAM jingles for your stations!

Everything always seems more relaxed during the summer months. Since so many clients take a vacation (or at least a deep breath) at this time of year, there’s always more session time available in JAM’s studios. This year they are offering you a way to take advantage of the season, and get a great deal on new JAM jingles for your stations. The JAM Summer Sale 2010 begins on the first day of summer!

Buy two, get one FREE

That’s right, for every two JAM jingles you order for one of your stations between June 21 and August 31, 2010 you can select a cut for another station in your market cluster at NO CHARGE. For example, if you order ten cuts of JAM’s new “Up2date” package for your A-C station, you can get five cuts of “Home Of The Hits” for your classic hits station FREE.

Or take a 20% DISCOUNT

If you only need new imaging for one of your stations, your budget can still go farther than ever. You’ll receive a 20% discount on any order you place between June 21 and August 31, 2010. JAM will even take 20% off the price of generic CDs, collector’s CDs and other merchandise available through The JAM Store.

Here’s what you do

JAM has hundreds of jingle packages available for stations of all formats. You can listen to many of them on the Demo Download page. When you find the packages you’re interested in simply contact JAM by phone or e-mail, and they’ll work with you on all the production details. And don’t forget that in many markets they offer the option of cash or barter. No matter how you decide to take advantage of the Summer Sale 2010, you will receive the same top-quality product that JAM is famous for.

Complete details, as well as the few inevitable rules and limitations are available now on JAM’s website

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  1. Bobbie Rosen says:

    If only I had a greenback for every time I came here.. Incredible post.

  2. Glen says:

    You mean there is another jingle company besides RW??

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