New from TM Studios – K-Love Network Custom

How many custom jingle packages can instantly be heard in Phoenix, Little Rock, Sacramento, San Diego, San Fransisco, Denver, Honolulu, Chicago, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Flint, Minneapolis, Las vegas, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Memphis, Austin…

…and around 200 other towns and cities across the USA?

This one can!

From TM Studios, this is the all new K-Love Custom jingle package, for Positive, Encouraging K-Love. Created by Bruce Upchurch and the TM Studios team, the 10 cut package can now be heard from the hundreds of stations and translators broadcasting K-Love.

Not surprisingly, the jingles are exclusively for use by the K-Love Network across the USA. This is the second country-wide Christian network jingle package from TM Studios, with Family Life Radio also using TM for their jingles.

K-Love Network Custom Demo

Family Life Radio Demo

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