CHOM 97.7: new from Studios Peak

Studios Peak can proudly claim an integral role in the rock evolution of Montreal’s CHOM 97.7 FM!

Following the successful delivery of sound imaging packages last fall for other Astral Media Radio Stations including; Rock détente and NRJ Canada, CHOM 97.7 enlisted Studios Peak’s expertise to create a new musical logo and sound imaging package identity.

CHOM 97.7 2010 from Studios Peak

“The musical logo and our custom compositions represent the station’s musical evolution and should be more cohesive with the new CHOM identity. Our team is proud to have been able to realize this mandate”, stated Michel Labrecque, President of Studios Peak.

Since 1969, CHOM 97.7 FM has been Montreal’s rock reference. Following this evolution and by integrating the musical program with its contemporary bands, the station should remain ‘The Spirit of Rock’. The english radio station from Montreal is now playing our Jingle packages, composed of original music themes, which has bought back the ‘rock flavor’, whilst maintaining the identifiable Studios Peak signature.

Daniel Tremblay, CHOM Program Director stated that “Studios Peak has passed the challenge with flying colors, due to their creativity and total staff involvement and commitment. Furthermore, Studios Peak maintained a high level of dedication and attentiveness to detail that allowed them to deliver a product that completely exceeded our expectations”.

Established since 1999, Studios Peak has maintained a strong presence on the international scene thereby signing several sound imaging packages for various radio stations across the world. In 2007, Studios Peak expanded its media expertise and became part of the ‘Peak Banane Group’. Peak Banane incorporated ‘Jaune Banane HD’, which specializes in video post production and TV show development/production, thus allowing the Peak Banane Group provide its clientele with complete media solutions.

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