New Packages for Spain

From Jingles Factory Italy

Once again….JF sings to Spain……
Two spanish stations chose Jinglesfactory for their jingles…..the well know Play FM from Marbella and the forthcoming Positiva FM, on the same city. Play fm is the well know station from Marbella, playing house, pop and contemporary music. This is the Playpackage of Jinglesfactory….each jingles, many, many alternative versions….and, as ever, shotgun, ramps and full versions.

The Play package, from JF…..available to resing on your country with your call letters.

Positiva FM launches in Spain on late september…..with smooth, warm, lounge and soft music. Even Positiva FM has chosen Jinglesfactory for their first jingles…

That’s the result…….listen…
Positiva fm….great…warm…first class jingles from JF.

Play FM is a well know station playing house, dance and chr.
Positiva FM launches on september with smoothjazz, warm and softly tunes.

Positiva FM

Play FM

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