Wise Buddah Updates its nrk P3 (Norway) Package

London, Monday, September 20, 2010: Norwegian state broadcaster nrk P3 returned to the Buddah fold recently to update the package we produced back in 2008.  The new package features 10 new custom themes, 10 ramps and shotguns, production beds and our X and Soft Gen packages.

This eclectic sounding package is based around a three-note sonic logo and features voices recorded in Norway.

Bjørn Tore Grøtte, P3’s Redaksjonssjef had this to say:

“We are very happy with the job Wise Buddah did for us in 2008, and that is why we chose to come back for our 2010 jingle update.

The “British sound” that WB represents helps us to both stand out in our market and sound like the fresh and “different” station we want to be.

The sound-designers at WB have been working excellently with our people despite the geographical distance – and have brought our directions and visions to life in a jingle-package that plays perfectly in P3s format, including new, Norwegian acts as well as international hits”.

For more information about this or any other Wise Buddah package visit: www.wisebuddah.com


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